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Jakarta, Indonesia: -6.087301, 106.524811
Lexington, Kentucky: 38.038322, -84.515194
Lima, Peru - : -12.047816, -77.062203
Ghana: 7.946527, -1.023194
Vietnam: 10.823099, 106.629664
Mongolia: 47.921378, 106.905540
USGovernment: 39.745833, -75.546667
India: 28.635308, 77.224960
Mexico: 19.432608, -99.133208
Mali: 17.570692, -3.996166
Ethiopia: 9.145000, 40.489673
Morocco: 31.791702, -7.092620
Nicaragua: 12.136389, -86.251389
Romania: 45.943161, 24.966760
Turkey: 39.920770, 32.854110
Ukraine: 50.450100, 30.523400
Bulgaria: 42.718768, 23.317108
Tanzania: -6.822097, 37.661160
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Bulgaria: In 2013, as part of a World Bank project, GlobalAgRisk evaluated the potential role of financial disaster risk management (FDRM), specifically forecast flood insurance, for the public and private sectors in Bulgaria facing an increasingly variable and extreme climate. Read More
Sofia, Bulgaria
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Ethiopia: In 2004, GlobalAgRisk examined the potential for developing rainfall index insurance to hedge against drought and famine risk as part of a World Bank project.  The World Food Programme is now implementing this idea to provide financial assistance for drought-induced famine in Ethiopia. Read more
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Ghana: In 2011 and 2012 as part of a GIZ project, GlobalAgRisk advised the Ghana Agricultural Insurance Programme (GAIP) in their design of an Area Yield Index Insurance product. Read more
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India:  Since 2003, GlobalAgRisk has been advising both public and private sector insurance companies in developing new weather index insurance products in India, which has become the largest market in the world for weather index insurance. Read More
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Jakarta, Indonesia
Indonesia: GlobalAgRisk, with support from the Ford Foundation, is undertaking an effort to develop and introduce index-based insurance for earthquake risk in Indonesia. Read more
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Lexington, Kentucky
Our Headquarters. Read more about GlobalAgRisk

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Lima, Peru -
Peru: From 2006 till now, GlobalAgRisk has been working in Peru with innovative insurance products that reduce constraints to agricultural lending in the microfinance sector This has led to the creation of an El Nino Index Insurance Product  which enables an insurance payment to be made several months before the onset of catastrophic weather. Read more.
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Mali: In 2008 and 2009, GlobalAgRisk performed a prefeasibility analysis to support development of a market for index-based insurance products that could allow either farmers or lenders to transfer highly correlated drought risk. Read More
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Mexico: As part of a project with the InterAmerican Development Bank, GlobalAgRisk designed a prototype index product that would pay water user associations when inflows of water to the Rio Mayo Reservoir fall below normal. Read More
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Mongolia: Since 2001, GlobalAgRisk has been the lead technical advisor for the design and implementation of a globally renowned national programme for mortality index insurance to insure against livestock losses from natural disasters. Read more
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Morocco: As part of a World Bank project in 2000, Jerry Skees conducted a feasibility study on rainfall index insurance to hedge drought risk for cereal producers in Morocco. Read more
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Nicaragua: GlobalAgRisk has advised the World Bank and the Government of Nicaragua regarding rainfall insurance for cereal production in Nicaragua. Read more:
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Romania: GlobalAgRisk performed a feasibility study on opportunities for using area-yield and rainfall index insurance for financing catastrophic yield risk for Romanian farmers as part of a USAID project in 2001–2002. Read More
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In 2013, GlobalAgRisk performed a feasibility study for weather index insurance that would be tied to USAID projects in Tanzania via the food security programs in the region.
Morogoro, Tanzania
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Turkey: In 2002, GlobalAgRisk was contracted by the World Bank to research the potential for agricultural insurance in Turkey.The findings and recommendations from this analysis were presented at a stakeholder conference and helped to shape the scope of work for several follow-up projects. Read more
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Ukraine: Under a 2002 World Bank project, GlobalAgRisk conducted a feasibility analysis of crop risks in Ukraine with a  focus on the opportunity to introduce index-based insurance. Read more
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USDA: Federal Crop Insurance Program (FCIP)—GlobalAgRisk has been involved in multiple projects and reviews as requested by the Risk Management Agency of the U.S. Read More
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Vietnam: GlobalAgRisk has undertaken three significant activities in Vietnam beginning with the development of an index insurance product against flood in the Mekong Delta. Read more